Tastes and Feels of Atlanta

Winter Quarter just ended at The Portfolio Center and I am looking forward to sharing some of the terrific work created by my students. I have written posts about my mapping as storytelling project. Students are asked to map their experiences through the city and design the result. For this Quarter I decided to vary up the parameters for some fresh results. I assigned each of my Message and Content students one of the five senses (taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell) to concentrate on while exploring Atlanta.


I wanted to share two of the results today. Second quarter student Katie Tynes was assigned taste and designed, wrote and illustrated this delicious map, Taste the World of Atlanta.  In addition to exploring the cuisine of Korea, India, Vietnam, Latin America, Peru, Ethiopia and the Middle East, Katie writes:

This project makes me feel like I’m traveling the world in my own backyard.”

Katie Tynes, Taste the World of ATL



McKenzie Martin, also a second quarter designer, was assigned the sense of touch.  She designed, illustrated and crocheted Beards of Atlanta. She writes:

Beards of Atlanta is a tactile experience for all viewers who have ever thought: “Wow, I really wish I could touch that person’s beard.” A small sample of Atlanta’s finest facial hair has been taken and converted into touchable fibers. Feel free to pet and caress, but not too hard.”

McKenzie Martin, Beards of Atlanta

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