Going on a Type Hunt

class-alphabet72Typography, or the study of letterforms, is all about training the eye to see the visible and invisible. I teach a beginning typography class at Portfolio Center, and I love to start by sending my students out around Atlanta on a type hunt. Students are told to look for interesting letterforms in the urban environment: A–Z and 0–9. It is a great way to really study form and learn a bit more about our city. It is an engaging way to begin training the eye and getting students to think about the forms and diversity of letters and numbers. And who doesn’t enjoy getting away from the screen for awhile?

I sent my new Type 2 class out on the hunt recently. They were lucky to have some beautiful fall weather for exploration. The type above was discovered around town from the newly renovated Ponce City Market to the Atlanta Beltline, Inman Park, Little 5 Points, Old Fourth Ward, Decatur, Virginia Highland, Westside, Cabbagetown and East Atlanta. As a class, we voted on our favorite examples of each letter and number. You can see and enjoy the results, pictured above.

Contributors include: Dorit Eliyahu, Jennifer Grimm, Casey Lovegrove, Laura McMullan, Clive Neish, Mya Passmore, Nakita Simpson, Iliana Taylor and Danner Washburn. Special thanks to Dorit Eliyahu for putting together the final grid.


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