One More Visual Metaphor on a Tiny Canvas

Last quarter students in my Visual Metaphor class created sets of commemorative stamps. Most chose to highlight an historical event, figure, or art form. A visual metaphor is an implied analogy in which one thing is identified or compared with another dissimilar thing. Visual metaphors exist within every design problem. This assignment was an opportunity to put them to work.

Due to technical issues I was unable to include the Texas Western 1966 NCAA Champions 50th Anniversary stamps in my post last night. I am so happy to be able to add these stamps, designed by a First Quarter Student, Averil Brannen. The whole class found the story that inspired her stamps incredibly compelling.

Averil Brannen: Texas Western 1966 NCAA Champions 50th Anniversary.


In 1966, the Texas Western Miners basketball team changed the game forever by winning the NCAA National Championship with the first all black starting lineup (Orsten Artis, Willie Cager, Bobby Joe Hill, David Lattin, and Nevil Shed). Under the leadership of Don Haskins this group of college athletes defeated the University of Kentucky powerhouse 72-65 and their victory had ripple effects across the country. These stamps were designed to commemorate this athletic and cultural feat and to show the unity within the 1966 team.

It was a tradition that the winner of the game got to cut down the nets of the goals. Usually, a ladder is brought out for the team, but nobody did this for the Texas Western team. Instead the teammates hoisted each other up on their shoulders to cut down the nets.

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