Visual Metaphor on a Small Canvas

Last quarter students in my Visual Metaphor class created sets of commemorative stamps. Most chose to highlight an historical event, figure, or art form. A visual metaphor is an implied analogy in which one thing is identified or compared with another dissimilar thing. Visual metaphors exist within every design problem. This assignment was an opportunity to put them to work. Here are some of the terrific results.

Anna Riethman: Commemorating the Space Race

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, these commemorative stamps highlight how important the Space Race was to American life in the 60’s. With our success in the Space Race, America set a new standard for what we can do: ANYTHING.

Lisa Plato: Jimi Hendrix Stamps
Alessandra Rabellino: Shakespeare 400 stamps
Sarah Asip: Mississippi Blues stamps
Dan King: Haiti Stamps

Arcade Fire’s 2013 release, Reflektor, centers on the struggle of the people of Haiti and of the dissatisfaction with modern love. By combining the Haitian voodoo ritual of vévé and the songs off the album, these semi-postal stamps metaphorically represent these themes on the smallest of scales.

Katy Mobley: Cannes Film Festival stamps

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