Personal Geographies (cont.)

As promised, this week I am sharing more of the best results from my  Personal Geography project. Last quarter I challenged my students in my Message and Content class at the Portfolio Center to use the tools of design and mapping to tell personal and compelling stories about their experience in Atlanta. Enjoy!

Emmy Morse  Atlanta: The Roads Not Taken

Emmy Morse  The Road Not Taken

To me, Atlanta is back roads. I was never taught the main roads, their names, or the most direct routes around the city. I learned these back roads from driving with my Mom to avoid the ever worsening traffic. Driving these roads is now woven into the fabric of my life, I know no other way to maneuver around the city. My map is embroidered with the dotted back routes I take, versus the straight directions Google Maps might suggest. And long the way, I’ve embroidered and painted the landmarks I use to find my way and the places I most travel to in my life.


Anna Riethman  The Basic Bitch’s Guide to Atlanta

Basic Bitch Map_Riethman
Anna Riethman The Basic Bitch’s Guide to Atlanta

A few years ago, one of my good friends started referring to me as a “Basic Bitch” as a joke. At first I was not amused, but eventually I embraced this label and laughed along with him. After all, I am in fact blonde and I do love glittery things, Starbucks, cupcakes, and all things “Basic.” For my map, I decided to make The Basic Bitches Guide to Atlanta, outlining the best date night spots, places for coffee, killer workouts, guilty pleasures and more.

Grayson Miller:  Through the Lens of an Indie Filmmaker: Where the Players Play

map in color 1
Grayson Miller  Where the Players Play

My map is my view of Atlanta through the lens of my camera. It represents many late nights wandering through the city filming and exploring. It showcases some of the most memorable things I’ve filmed, quotes I’ve heard, or places I’ve been.

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