Semiotics and Film

Posters for Paul Thomas Anderson films created by students in my winter quarter Semiotics class at the Portfolio Center.
Dan King
PDL movie poster finalkaty
Katy Mobley
Alessandra Rabellino

What is semiotics? It refers to the study of signs: meaning all the visual and sense information that surrounds us. Semiotics is what helps us make sense of all we see in terms of meaning and form and culture.

 The assignment to my Semiotics class:

Drawing from Paul Thomas Anderson’s films, create a poster that stands as a new sign for an existing  film.


emmy morse
Emmy Morse
the master png
Millie Nicholson

Here are some of my favorite examples from my second and third quarter designers at Portfolio Center. Enjoy!

Skarupa_The Master Poster_PNG
Caroline Skarupa
Grayson Miller
Anna Reithman


Alex Cohen
blake loomis
Blake Loomis

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