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max&ed1 (1)
Savannah Colbert/Helvetica (Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann)
Type 2 Print Poster Final
Elle Oser/Zuzanna Licko, Emigré
Laura Capps

Today’s post is a feast for the eyes, especially for type lovers. These posters came out of a Type 2 (beginning) class at Portfolio Center. My goal in this class is to awaken students to the expressive and communicative power of typography. I have found that understanding history as well as studying form and composition provide a great foundation. I assigned the students in this class a mix of historic and contemporary type designers and foundries for research. Over the course of this research and study of particular letterforms, students created posters based on their assigned typographer/typeface. No imagery is allowed in this assignment: students are to work exclusively with type, line, and color. I was so pleased with the resulting posters. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Erik Spiekermann Moda-01

Brennan Holloway/Erik Spiekermann

Brendan Brines/House Industries
Tobias Frere Jones poster
Jacqueline Day/Tobias Frere-Jones


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