Powers of Ten, Revisited.

One of my favorite teaching tools is the film Powers of Ten. This groundbreaking short film from 1979 was made by design heroes Ray and Charles Eames for IBM. It is a most elegant answer to a complex design problem:

How does one describe the relative size of everything in the universe in under 10 minutes?

The original film zooms outwards in powers of ten from a couple having a picnic on the shores of Lake Michigan toward the edge of our galaxy then dives back inwards beneath the skin of the man at the picnic, still in powers of ten. It reveals a pattern of activity and areas of stillness that is still stunning, almost 40 years later. 

Now, designer Kelli Anderson has created a flip book collage recreating part of the Eameses’ iconic film, Powers of Ten, using only found-imagery from the internet. Photos from Google Image’s visually-similar search, the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, and various mapping software were cropped (and in some cases, lightly altered) to reconstruct continuity.

Enjoy some transporting distraction on a rainy Tuesday.

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