Isn’t it Dandy?

Sugar packets from Dandy, Buenos Aires














One of the best parts of travel for this typophile is the opportunity to immerse myself in the letterforms and culture of a new place. One of my favorite destinations is Buenos Aires, Argentina. This city has a wonderful culture all its own: a combination of South American and European elegance that is dashing and lovely.

The sugar packets, pictured above, are a great example. They come from
a cafe called Dandy, that has a few outposts in Buenos Aires. Just
looking at the letterforms has me wishing for an afternoon Cortado: an
espresso with a spoon of steamed milk. Portenõs (city dwellers) in
Buenos Aires do not race through the streets with giant to-go cups of
coffee. Instead an afternoon Cortado is an event.

I imagine walking down a leafy street in Palermo and stopping at a cafe. When I order my Cortado it comes with a tiny sweet and is served with a small glass of seltzer water with a twist of lemon. The presentation, the promise of conversation and people watching: all come flooding back with a glimpse of these letters.

A Dandy Tuesday to you…

un cortado.

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