What is the Story Behind Those Giant Concrete Arrows?



I was captivated by this story when I saw this photograph last week on the PreservationNation blog (National Trust for Historic Preservation). How I would love to discover one of these arrows in the middle of nowhere. Are they signals for alien spacecraft? What do they mean?

The true story is intriguing: It turns out the giant arrows marked directions for the earliest version of airmail. From 1918 until about 1926/1927, the Post Office Department operated the nation’s airmail service. This was during the very early days of air travel, and the department needed a way for pilots to get from point A to point B safely and reliably, especially in bad weather or at night. The solution? The post office built a system of 50-foot lighted beacon towers across the country, spaced several miles apart from each other. The arrows were next to the beacons and pointed the direction to the next beacon along the route. If you want to learn more about the arrows visit:



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